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My face hurts. But my heart is full.

wherever you areI wish it had been captured on video. Three of us, hurling through the air at top speed. It happened so fast. The toppling of the tube, and the helpless feeling of air rushing around me. Then suddenly – WHAM.

Something stings the right side of my face. Water swirls around me, and all I can think of is how much my face hurts.

Quickly the force of the flotation pulls me up to the surface, and I hear the girls… “Are you okay?” I guess my hands were instinctively covering my face, and they were worried I had been badly hurt, or crying.

I remove my hands and look at my palms. No blood. I blink a few times, and look up to see five sets of eyes on me.

“I’m fine!” I exclaim. “Although my face hurts a bit.”

“Yea, it looks pretty red on the right side,” Laura points out. All I can do is laugh.

“Did anyone get that on video?” The three of us look at each other, life jackets bobbing in the water..

“No, but I wish they did!!” Laughter again.

My heart feels so full, it might just burst.

This summer has been the “live life to the fullest – relish in the beauty of BC – count every blessing – enjoy every moment – be all there” kind of summer I had hoped for.

Right now as we anticipate moving soon, I have mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement as we anticipate our new life in the Philippines, yet also wrestling with a feeling of unsureness as I recognize all the wonderful blessings our life has here in Canada, and what we’ll be missing as we plan to be gone for the next two years. But as sure as I am that I will miss my family and friends and life here in Canada, I’m also sure that God has called us to the field, and knowing this brings about peace. And I’m thankful He’s given us so many blessings, and a spirit of living life to the fullest this summer.

My face still hurts.

How’s your summer been?

*graphic from Abby Hyslop's print shop.

the burgess family

When we moved to NC, we were hoping to make some new friends, but we just never knew God would bless us so incredibly by our friendship with the Burgess family. They are headed to Papua New Guinea this summer with Wycliffe USA, Fran is a pilot and mechanic.

I love thinking back to the day I met Jenise. We had been living here already for a few weeks, and I had been praying for a friend. We met one afternoon at the playground nearby, and as I introduced myself to her I felt as if God was speaking to me saying, “Here is your new friend”. I’m not sure why it was so easy, so comfortable and so familiar. Perhaps it has to do with the fact we are both on the ledge, ready to take a leap of faith and embark on a new life in missions with Wycliffe. But probably more to do with the fact that she is simply a beautiful person, inside and out. We can talk about everything. Our hopes and fears, our disappointments and weakness. She is such a woman of God, and has encouraged me in so many ways, and I am so grateful. Fran is great, and Jaco & him have become fast friends. Our boys get along great with Shay & Adley too. All this makes for some really fun times when we all get together.

When Jenise told me that they hadn’t had a prayer card photo taken since Adley was a baby, I was excited to offer a family session. We had a beautiful afternoon together with our families. First we hung out at the airport for awhile, then headed over to Crystal Lake. We topped off the day with some burgers and fries. It was every bit as wonderful as it sounds.

Thanks again Jenise & Fran, taking your family photos has been such a highlight.
We love you guys!

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Kristy Klaassen - Great pics friend!! I love seeing your work again. What an awesome location – an airplane hanger?!? Lucky duck! :) They are fab. xo

Arenda - These are beautiful photos, Andrea! It’s lovely to hear that God answered your prayer for a friend – I’ve been in the same kind of situation, being in a new city/church and feeling a bit lost. That friend to share your heart with makes a big difference!

Happy New Year.

We are ringing in the New Year with a little family holiday at Myrtle Beach, SC.

2013 was amazing. Our family has been blessed. We’ve had some great adventures, and as we look forward to 2014, we anticipate lots more, Lord willing.

My prayer for you is that you will be able to look back on 2013 and see how God has blessed you, and commit to praise Him as He continues to bless you in 2014.

“A life contemplating the blessings of Christ becomes a life acting the love of Christ.”

– Ann Voskamp

north carolina.

It still feels surreal that we are here, living at JAARS in North Carolina. It feels like such a short time ago that Jaco was working for Corrections Canada, we were living in our little house in Chilliwack, the kids were off to school every day. It was so predictable, and familiar. Yet so much has happened. Here we are.

We arrived on Saturday, October 5, and have slowly been settling in. The boys are doing amazing. I mean it – amazing. The road trip across 13 states went better than we could have asked for, and for that I am grateful.

The trailer and totes were all unpacked in just a couple hours. The house here is old, but has its charm. It didn’t take long for it to feel like home. The boys each have their own room, something they have never had before and they are thrilled.

After settling in, it took me a few weeks to figure out the back roads, where to shop for groceries, and get used to doing things in a more calculated way. In many ways it’s simple, and refreshing. We’ve been forced to slow down.

I was nervous, and excited to make new friends. I know it takes time.

Immediately I got the feeling that both meeting people, and saying goodbye to people on a regular basis is the norm around here. Many people living here are in transition.

They are either here getting training before heading overseas, or they are here on furlough (having just returned from overseas assignment), or some are also assigned as missionaries permanently here. Forming relationships is different, but I love meeting people and hearing their stories.

I prayed for new friends, and God answered that prayer. My new friends here are missionary pilot’s wives, who are here for aviation orientation. We talk often and at length about our faith, family, and future.

Our family unit is strong. We are all leaning on each other for steadiness and stability. There have been lots of “teaching moments” with the kids. We are open and honest with the kids about moving to the Philippines next year. The kids are excited and positive because we are excited and positive.

We have the boys enrolled in an organized Christian basketball league. They are thriving being around other kids, and learning new skills – especially teamwork. Their coaches say they have great potential, which is always encouraging for parents to hear.

Jaco has a perma-grin. He loved his job before, but this takes his work to a whole new level. I love seeing him bursting with excitement over things like learning new Bible translation software, and solving web related issues with groups of translators in Asia.

There are moments I miss the familiarity of “home” in Canada, sure. Of course. But this is where we are. And the adventure is just beginning.

And undoubtedly we have the assurance that if we keep our minds and hearts on Jesus – He will continue to supply our needs.

If they say “home is where your heart is” – well yes, then I’m home.

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Kathleen - What a beautiful post, Andrea. How exciting that you know where you’ll be next year, the Lord willing!!

Kristy Klaassen - Wonderful post. Happy to hear that you are happy!! Gorgeous pics too!!

Alyssa - Oh Andrea, thank you for sharing this with us! Hearing about your journey is wonderful, please keep it up! God bless.

Karin - Love hearing from you and the photos are awesome. Glad to hear that the transition has been good so far. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure as you go on it. Hugs!